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Our Comprehensive Windows & Doors Services in Lake Charles, LA

Our years of experience have made us well-versed in all types of window and door services. From a single window replacement to a full-scale windows and doors installation, we got you covered. Here is an overview of each service we offer:

Lake Charles Window Installation

If you are looking for professional window installation in Lake Charles, LA, our team is here to help. We offer energy-efficient window installation services, including vinyl, insulated glass hurricane, and impact windows. With our expertise and high-quality materials, you can trust that your new windows will provide increased energy efficiency and long-lasting durability.

Lake Charles Window Replacement

When it comes to window replacement in Lake Charles, LA, we know all about it. Our team specializes in various types of window replacements, including awning, bay, bow, casement, double-hung, picture, and slider windows. Whether you need a single window replacement or a complete home makeover with bay windows, our experts will ensure the job is done right the first time.

Lake Charles Door Installation

Lake Charles Window Installation offers exceptional door installation services, ensuring your new door is perfectly installed to provide maximum security and efficiency. Our team of professionals is experienced in installing entry, impact, patio, and hurricane protection doors. Trust us to make your home improvement project a success.

Lake Charles Door Replacement

Our door replacement services in Lake Charles, LA, cater to various door types, including entry, impact, patio, and hurricane protection doors and home windows. We understand the importance of a secure and aesthetically appealing door, and our team will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect door for your home.

Our Company

About Lake Charles Window Installation

Lake Charles Window Installation has been providing top-notch window and door solutions to homeowners and businesses in the Lake Charles, LA area and the surrounding communities for many years. Our team of experienced professionals takes pride in delivering outstanding craftsmanship high quality windows and superior customer service. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the best possible results for their home improvement projects.

We understand the importance of sustainability by providing energy-efficient and high-quality materials for all of the windows and doors we install or replace. In addition to increased energy efficiency, we also offer a wide range of window and door options that not only enhance the beauty of your home but also provide long-lasting durability. Our team is always committed to helping you find the perfect fit for your unique window or door needs.

Our Experienced Professionals are Always Ready to Help in Lake Charles, LA

Our skilled team at Lake Charles Window Installation comprises experts in both residential and commercial window installation and door installation. Each team member is dedicated to providing the best service and maintaining the highest standards in every project we undertake. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, commitment to customer satisfaction, and ability to handle any home improvement project, no matter the size.

We Proudly Serve Lake Charles, LA, and The Surrounding Areas

We take great pride in serving Lake Charles, LA, and the surrounding communities with top-notch window and door installation services. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction extends throughout the region, making us a trusted name for all your window and door needs. Here’s a closer look at the specific areas we serve.

  • Sulphur, LA
  • Orange, TX
  • Jennings, LA
  • Bridge City, TX
  • Groves, TX
  • Port Neches, TX
  • Vidor, TX
  • Nederland, TX
  • Port Arthur, TX
  • Crowley, LA
  • Eunice, LA
  • Beaumont, TX
  • Lumberton, TX
  • Abbeville, LA
  • Opelousas, LA


Lake Charles Window Installation

Why Choose Our Lake Charles Windows and Doors Installation?

Lake Charles Window Installation distinguishes itself from the competition by combining impeccable craftsmanship, superior customer service, and the finest materials available. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for every client, ensuring that each window installation is tailored to their unique needs and preferences. 

From energy-efficient options to custom designs, Lake Charles Window Installation is committed to delivering top-notch results that enhance the beauty and value of our clients’ homes. Trust in our local experts to provide unparalleled service and exceptional quality that will stand the test of time.

Expertise and Experience

Our team has years of experience in providing window and door installation services in Lake Charles, LA, and surrounding areas. With our knowledge and skills, we guarantee the best results for your next windows doors, and home improvement projects.

High-Quality Materials

We use only the best materials for your window and door installation, ensuring long-lasting durability, energy efficiency, and increased home value.

Customized Solutions

At Lake Charles Window Installation, we understand that every home is unique. Our team works with you to find the perfect fit and superior window for your specific needs, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer satisfaction, providing prompt and professional service throughout the entire process.

Competitive Pricing

Our services are reasonably priced, offering a great balance of quality and price affordability for your home improvement projects.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation to discuss your window replacement doors, and door installation needs. Our experts will guide you through the process and help you make the best decision for your home.

Window Replacement Materials: Our Guide for Lake Charles, LA Residents

At Lake Charles Window Installation, many homeowners turn to our team for insights into the world of window installations and how windows play a vital role in home aesthetics. Windows can define the aesthetic of a home and influence its energy efficiency. For residents of Lake Charles, LA, considering a window replacement, material choice is paramount. This article will delve deep into the various materials available, helping homeowners make an informed decision.

Vinyl Windows: The Modern Choice

Before we delve deeper, it's worth mentioning that our sales representatives have witnessed a surge in inquiries about vinyl siding and windows. When it comes to window replacement in Lake Charles, vinyl remains a top pick. Durable, cost-effective, and requiring minimal maintenance, it's easy to see why many Lake Charles homeowners gravitate toward this material.

Wooden Windows: The Timeless Classic

We've handled countless window projects involving wood windows, and our team often educates homeowners about their timeless appeal. There's an inherent charm to wooden windows. Their organic texture brings warmth to homes, making them a perennial favorite in Lake Charles, LA. Wood offers a broad spectrum of colors, from natural browns to painted whites.

Aluminum Windows: Sleek and Sturdy

Our window installer professionals recommend aluminum for those seeking commercial windows or a contemporary look. For those seeking a blend of durability and sleekness, aluminum windows are the answer. Often found in contemporary Lake Charles homes, they're corrosion-resistant and boast slim profiles.

Fiberglass Windows: The Rising Star

When customers ask for a free estimate at Lake Charles Window Installation, they're often curious about the rise of fiberglass in window replacement companies. Fiberglass is slowly gaining traction in the Lake Charles window replacement market. Resistant to swelling, rotting, and warping, they offer longevity that's hard to beat. Their appearance is versatile, replicating the texture of wood or presenting smooth finishes in colors like tan and white.

Steel Windows: Industrial and Robust

Our professional independent installers often introduce those inquiring about industrial aesthetics to the resilience of steel windows. Not as common but making a resurgence, steel windows offer an industrial vibe. Their strength is unparalleled, making them perfect for homes in areas with extreme weather conditions.

Composite Windows: The Best of Both Worlds

Many homeowners visiting us for free estimates are intrigued by the balance that composite materials provide. Last on our list, but by no means the least, is composite. This material is a blend of wood and plastic, offering the beauty of wood and the durability of vinyl. They're known for exceptional energy efficiency, making them a valuable addition to Lake Charles homes.

Boost The Energy Efficiency of Your Windows With Our Lake Charles Window Replacement

Energy-efficient window installation is a smart investment for anyone considering window replacement in Lake Charles, LA. From Low-E glass to Energy Star certifications, we offer many options that fit your specific needs. It allows you to save money on energy bills and also contribute to a more sustainable future.

This guide will provide you with all the information you’ll need to make the most energy-efficient choice for your Lake Charles home.

Low-E Glass Window Installation

Low-E (low-emissivity) glass is designed to reflect heat while allowing light to pass through. The coating on this type of glass acts like a filter, keeping out UV rays and reducing energy costs. Low-e glass replacement windows are an excellent option if you’re aiming for window replacement in Lake Charles.

Argon Gas-Filled Window Installation

Argon gas-filled windows are filled with argon gas between the panes, acting as an insulator. Argon gas-filled replacement windows are a more expensive option but offer excellent thermal insulation, ideal for Lake Charles, LA window replacement. By keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, you can cut down on your energy bills.

Triple-Pane Windows Installation

Triple-pane windows have an additional layer of glass, providing extra insulation. If you’re considering window replacement in Lake Charles, weigh the initial cost against this option’s long-term energy savings.

Energy Star-Certified Windows Installation

Energy Star-certified windows meet the stringent energy efficiency standards set by the U.S. government. If you’re considering window replacement in Lake Charles, this is the choice for the environmentally conscious. You will save money and contribute to a sustainable future at the same time.

Krypton Gas-Filled Window Installation

Similar to argon gas-filled windows, krypton gas offers even better insulation but comes at a higher overall cost. If you are looking for premium window replacement in Lake Charles, LA, this could be the option for you.

Additional Considerations in Lake Charles, LA

If you’re in Lake Charles, Louisiana, you can take advantage of energy efficiency rebates offered by local utility companies and federal tax credits. This benefit can make your Lake Charles window replacement even more cost-effective.

UV Protection Window Installation

Some energy-efficient windows also offer UV protection, shielding your furniture and flooring from the sun’s harmful rays. The UV protection could be a beneficial add-on when you opt for window replacement in LA, especially in sunny areas like Lake Charles.

An Overview of Our Window Replacement Types Offered in Lake Charles, LA

Choosing the right type of window for your Lake Charles, LA, home is for aesthetic and functional reasons. The type of window you choose can impact your home’s energy efficiency, comfort, security, and even its resale value.

Whether you’re looking to replace a single window or start a commercial window installation project, here are the various types of windows offered by our window replacement Lake Charles service. Free estimates are available to help you make an informed choice.

Double Hung Windows Installation

Double-hung windows are highly versatile and among the most common replacement window types for Lake Charles window replacement projects. These replacement windows have two operable sashes that slide up and down, allowing for better ventilation. Double-hung windows are particularly good for traditional architectural styles and are easy to clean.

Casement Windows Installation

Casement windows are hinged at the sides and swing outward. These replacement windows are often operated with a crank and offer excellent ventilation. Casement windows are ideal for modern homes but can fit in well with any architectural style. Their tight seal enhances energy efficiency, a key factor for window replacement in LA.

Awning Windows Installation

Awning windows are similar to casement windows but are hinged at the top. These replacement windows swing outwards, providing ventilation even during rainy weather. Because of the way they open, awning replacement windows are often placed higher on walls, either above or below other types of windows. When considering Lake Charles window replacement, these can be a great choice for added ventilation.

Sliding Windows Installation

Sliding windows operate horizontally on a track. These replacement windows are popular choices for contemporary homes and are extremely easy to use. Sliding windows offer moderate ventilation and are often chosen for their simplistic design and function, making them a popular choice for window replacement in Lake Charles, LA.

Picture Windows Installation

Picture windows are fixed and do not open. These replacement windows are designed to provide a clear, unobstructed view of the outside. If you have a beautiful landscape to showcase, picture windows can be an excellent choice for window replacement in LA. However, since they do not open, they do not provide ventilation compared to other windows.

Bay and Bow Windows Installation

Bay and bow windows protrude from the exterior wall, creating a sense of space and providing multiple angles of view. These replacement windows are perfect if you want to make a room appear larger. Bay windows usually consist of one large picture window flanked by casement or double hung windows. Bow windows, on the other hand, consist of a series of similar-sized windows, usually casement, double hung, or picture windows.

Jalousie Windows Installation

Jalousie windows have horizontally placed glass slats that open and close like a Venetian blind. These replacement windows are excellent for ventilation but not ideal for climates with extreme weather conditions. These windows are somewhat outdated but can still be found in older homes in Lake Charles, LA.

Garden Windows Installation

Garden windows extend out from the home and usually have shelves for plants and herbs. These replacement windows are ideal for kitchen areas and offer both additional light and space. Garden window installation is a unique choice for window replacement in Lake Charles, adding aesthetic value to your home.

Tilt and Turn Windows Installation

Choosing the right type of window for your Lake Charles, LA, home is for aesthetic and functional reasons. The suitable type you choose for your window project can impact your home’s energy efficiency, comfort, security, and even its resale value. Here are the various types of windows we offer for window replacement in Lake Charles, LA. Free estimates are available to help you make an informed choice.

Elevate Your Home With Our Stylish Window Replacements in Lake Charles, LA

Choosing the right window replacement style can greatly impact your home and establishment’s aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. When you’re considering window replacement in Lake Charles, LA, it’s important to understand the diverse styles available to you. 

Here is your guide about our selection of window replacement styles to help you make the best decision for your Lake Charles window replacement project.

Traditional Style Window Installation

Traditional window styles are timeless classics that never go out of fashion. Often seen in colonial or Victorian homes, these replacement windows come in intricate designs, warm colors, and decorative glass options. Traditional window replacement styles might be the best fit if you’re seeking windows in Lake Charles that offer enduring beauty and sophistication.

Modern Style Window Installation

Modern window replacement styles in Lake Charles, LA, are characterized by minimalistic designs, clean lines, and often large glass surfaces to allow maximum natural light. If your home has a contemporary or ultra-modern look, you will absolutely love modern replacement windows with simple, geometric shapes that can complement your décor while enhancing energy efficiency.

Contemporary Style Window Installation

Somewhere between traditional and modern lies the contemporary window style. These window replacement options often use materials like aluminum and fiberglass for a sleek yet functional look. Contemporary style window installation blends elements of both modern and traditional designs, making them versatile choices for various architectural styles found in Lake Charles, LA.

Rustic Style Window Installation

Rustic window replacement styles are perfect for Lake Charles homes that want to maintain a countryside or natural atmosphere. Usually made of wood or clad wood, these replacement windows may include design elements like shutters, grilles, or even frosted glass for that antiquated look.

Colonial Style Window Installation

Colonial-style windows offer another timeless option, often characterized by a grid of small panes and usually made of wood. If you have a colonial home in Lake Charles, replacement windows of this style could be an excellent way to maintain the historical integrity of your property.

Victorian Style Window Installation

Victorian-style windows feature intricate designs, heavy drapes, and sometimes even stained glass. These replacement windows are best suited for homes that seek an antique look filled with elegance and ornate detail.

Minimalist Style Window Installation

In contrast to Victorian, minimalist window styles offer a stark, clean look often seen in modern apartments or office spaces. If you’re looking for window replacement in LA that doesn’t distract but enhances, the minimalist style window installation is for you.

Setting The Standard: Our Trusted Certifications in Window & Door Services

There is a lot to consider when selecting a window company. At Lake Charles Window Installation, we know the value of reliable and quality service. That’s why we’re proud to share our certifications with you. All your needs are covered, from Lake Charles residential window installation to Lake Charles door replacement projects.

Licensed: Your Assurance of Quality

Operating with a valid license in the Lake Charles area is a mark of our commitment to providing top-notch service in the window world and door industry. Whether you need Lake Charles replacement windows or door installation, our licensing guarantees that we meet or exceed local and state standards. In other words, we are a Lake Charles window installation company that you can trust.

Insured: Safety First

Window replacement rarely involves risks. We’re fully insured to protect our team and your whole home. We have comprehensive liability and workers’ compensation insurance to ensure you face no financial burden in the unlikely event of an accident. We’ve got you covered, from Lake Charles residential window replacement and new window or door installations to other services.

BBB Accredited: A Symbol of Trust

Our Better Business Bureau accreditation sets us apart from many other Lake Charles window replacement companies. It underscores our commitment to customer satisfaction and ethical conduct. The accreditation is a seal of approval that you can trust, whether you need Lake Charles window replacement or window installations.

Authorized Dealers for Top Brands: Quality Guaranteed

When you’re investing in your home, why settle for anything less than the best? We are authorized dealers for some of the industry’s most reputable window and door brands. For your Lake Charles residential window installation, you’re getting the best materials and products on the market. Contact our sales representative for more details.

Experience You Can Rely: A History of Excellence

Experience makes a difference, and we have it in spades. Our years of work in this field give us a competitive edge over other Lake Charles window installation companies. We know the ropes, whether you’re seeking a Lake Charles window replacement, a brand-new window, or a Lake Charles door installation project. All of our Lake Charles window installation technicians are background-checked to ensure you work with the experts and have peace of mind. With us, you get the job done right the first time.

NARI Approval: A Name You Can Trust

As a NARI-certified Lake Charles window installation company, we stand out. The certification shows we are dedicated to top-notch work and behaving responsibly. When you choose us, you get more than the standard service in Lake Charles residential window replacement or commercial door installation.

Eco-Friendly: Backed by EPA and LEED

We take our domain as seriously as your home’s needs. Our EPA and LEED certifications mean we choose safe and green materials and methods. So, the entire process of your window and door projects in Lake Charles is eco-friendly.

Financially Secure: We’re Bonded

Being bonded adds another level of money safety for you. If we can’t finish your Lake Charles window installation or door replacement project or fall short in some way, the bond steps in. It’s like an extra safety net for your wallet. Reach out to us for a free estimate and get started today!

Our Lake Charles Door Installation & Replacement Windows Process

Our team at Lake Charles Window Installation follows a thorough and efficient process to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. Here’s our four-step process on how we do installation and replacement our way:

The first step is to provide a free consultation to understand your needs and preferences for window and door installation or replacement. We’ll discuss various options, materials, and styles to find the perfect fit for your home.

Our team will visit your property to take accurate measurements and assess the existing windows and doors. This step ensures that the new installations will fit old windows perfectly and provide the best possible results.

Once the measurements and assessments are complete, our skilled team will proceed with the installation process. We take great care to ensure that each window and door is installed with precision and attention to detail.

After the installation is complete, our team will conduct a thorough quality assurance check to ensure your new windows and doors are functioning correctly and meet our high standards. We also make sure to clean up after ourselves, leaving your house and property as tidy as we found it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of window replacement services do you offer in Lake Charles, Louisiana?

We offer window replacement services, including double-hung, casement, awning, picture, and bay windows. Each type has unique benefits, and we can help guide you on the best choice for your home.

How long does replacing a window in Lake Charles, LA, usually take?

Window replacement in Lake Charles can be completed in a few hours, but it may vary depending on the window’s size and type. If multiple windows are being replaced, the process may take a bit longer.

Can you help me choose the right windows and doors for my home?

Our expert team can guide you in selecting the best windows and doors that suit your home’s design and energy efficiency needs. We ensure that every selection enhances your home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

How often should I replace my windows?

It’s recommended to replace your windows every 20 to 25 years. However, factors like weather damage, energy inefficiency, and frequent maintenance issues can indicate a need for earlier replacement.

What are the benefits of replacing my windows?

Replacing your windows can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, increase its value, and improve energy efficiency. This can potentially reduce your heating and cooling costs, making it a sound investment.

Can you provide window replacement and door installation services in all areas of Lake Charles?

Yes, we provide services across all areas in Lake Charles, LA. Our team is committed to bringing top-quality window and door solutions to every corner of our community.

What measures are taken to make sure the quality of your window replacement and door installation services?

We uphold the highest standards in the industry, using quality materials from trusted manufacturers. Plus, our skilled team undergoes continuous training to stay updated with the latest techniques and safety standards.

How can I get a quote for window replacement or door installation?

You can get a quote by reaching out to us directly via phone, email, or through our website. We’ll assess your needs and the project scope and provide a detailed, no-obligation estimate.

Do you offer warranties on your window replacement and door installation services?

We provide warranties on our services, offering our customers peace of mind. The duration and specifics of the warranty can vary based on the service provided and the products used.


Testimonials about our Residential Window Replacement & Door Installation in Lake Charles, LA

Throughout our years of service, we have worked with clients in various neighborhoods and suburbs of the greater Lake Charles, LA area. Our familiarity with the region allows us to provide tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of each community. You can trust us here at Lake Charles Window Installation for all your residential and commercial window and door installation needs, and experience the difference that our commitment to excellence can make. Here are some honest reviews from our awesome clients:
Lake Charles Window Installation did a fantastic job with the custom windows for our home renovation project. Their team was patient and knowledgeable, helping us choose the perfect design to match our style. The installation process was smooth and efficient, and we've received so many compliments on our beautiful new windows. We couldn't be more pleased with the results and would definitely use their services again!
Jenna S.
Residential Client, Lake Charles LA
Our office building needed an extensive window upgrade, and we chose Lake Charles Window Installation based on its impressive portfolio and reputation. The entire process, from consultation to installation, was seamless and well-organized. The team was extremely skilled and worked around our business hours, minimizing disruption to our operations. The final result is stunning - our building looks more modern, and we've seen a noticeable improvement in our energy consumption. I can't recommend Lake Charles Window Installation enough for commercial clients!
Daryl E.
Business Owner, Lake Charles LA

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