Why Front Entry Doors Are Important

Front entry doors are more than just a functional fixture, they set the first impression of your house. They need to be tough against the elements and look appealing to guests.

The right door can increase your home’s curb appeal, security, and energy efficiency. Read on to learn more about the top brands of exterior doors.

Curb Appeal

A home’s curb appeal tells buyers a lot about the property. If it looks like a well-maintained, welcoming home, potential buyers will be more likely to check out the interiors. It is also a factor that can help determine the property’s appraised value.

Curb appeal can be improved through a variety of cost-effective methods. This includes the front door itself, which can be made to look more attractive with paint and decorative elements. It can also be made more welcoming with the addition of a welcome mat and attractive window boxes.

A front door should reflect the style of the home and provide security, energy efficiency, and durability. It is important to choose a door system that suits the architectural design of the house, and can be installed by a reputable company. For example, a steel door can offer security and durability, while an iron door provides visual appeal with unique designs. Oiled-bronze finishes suit traditional homes, while brushed nickel is ideal for modern styles.


Burglaries are the number one threat to home security. The first thing a burglar will do is knock down or break into your front door, so it’s important to make sure you have a strong, secure lock on the doorframe. Many homeowners have old doors with large panes of glass, which look decorative and let in light, but these are a target for thieves looking for an easy way into your home.

Replacing your front door with a newer, more secure model will make your home feel like it has an updated appearance and improve curb appeal. It can also help improve energy efficiency by keeping the cool air inside your home and hot air outside. To further enhance your home’s security, add a security screen door or choose a textured obscure design to maintain privacy. This will also prevent the intruder from viewing your valuables through the glass and make your home less appealing to them.

Energy Efficiency

Depending on the material, your door can play a major role in how much energy you use to heat and cool your home. The type of insulation in an entry door determines how well it keeps outside air out and inside air in.

Wood doors are a natural insulator, but they don’t offer as much protection as steel or fiberglass. Steel and aluminum are a good thermal insulator, but they can feel cold or hot to the touch.

Fiberglass entry doors have an insulated core that helps reduce heat loss during the winter and combat sweltering summer temperatures. Double or triple-pane glass also adds to your home’s energy efficiency by slowing the flow of outside air.

To further improve your home’s energy efficiency, inspect the weather stripping around your door. If it’s worn down, replace it. Look for a low-cost option that’s easy to install. This small step can keep your home warmer and reduces the amount of money you spend on heating and cooling costs.


Your front door is the last line of defense between your home and the elements. Choosing an exterior door that is tough against the weather and that will withstand all kinds of wear and tear is important. Thankfully, there are a lot of options to choose from when you are buying new doors for your house.

Steel entry doors are made to stand up to a lot of different conditions and they are also energy efficient. They are designed with a foam that is filled through a computer driven process to maximize insulation and they are constructed using thermal adhesives for added strength and energy efficiency.

Wood doors, on the other hand, will need routine maintenance like staining and repainting to keep them looking their best. They are prone to warping and expanding in response to extreme weather conditions as well. They are also more expensive to purchase and maintain than steel entry doors. For this reason, many homeowners are now switching to iron doors Lake Charles LA.