Window Installation – Choosing the Right Style for Your Home

Window installation Lake Charles LA

If you’re planning a window replacement project, the type of windows you choose can have a major impact on your home’s aesthetic, comfort, and resale value. The right style can also boost your home’s energy efficiency and reduce utility bills.

There are a wide range of options available, from classic to contemporary styles. This guide will help you find the perfect solution for your Lake Charles LA home.

Types of Windows

Windows are a big part of your home’s look and feel. The right windows can add to your home’s aesthetic and increase its value.

Energy-efficient windows offer a number of advantages that can save you money and contribute to a more sustainable future. These include Low-E glass, inert gasses like argon and krypton and coatings that protect your furniture and fabrics from harmful UV rays.

Window companies can perform full-frame or pocket installations. Full-frame windows replace the entire frame and sill while pocket installations only replace the window trim.

Low-E Glass

Windows improve the view and bring in natural light, but they can also increase home energy costs. By installing Low-E glass, you can minimize your energy costs while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Potential homebuyers are increasingly focused on the total cost of owning a property, including energy costs. Installing double pane windows with Low-E glass and argon can help reduce your power bills by improving energy efficiency.

Modern windows are designed with minimal lines and clean surfaces. They complement many architectural styles, and may feature large glass surfaces to let in more sunlight.

Argon Gas-Filled

Argon gas-filled windows are a more expensive option but offer better insulation than standard glass. This is because the argon gas between the window panes deflects heat during the summer and keeps it in during the winter, cutting down on energy bills.

These windows are made with double or triple panes and contain argon or krypton gas between them. These noble, inert gases are heavier than air and reduce condensation while insulating your home. This is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Energy Star

Whether you’re building new or replacing windows in an existing home or commercial property, these options are designed to provide beauty and value from the start. They’re also highly efficient, reducing thermal transfer with the addition of an additional layer of glass.

Choose a window with the correct u-factor and SHGC for your Calcasieu Parish climate zone to maximize energy efficiency. These numbers are based on how much heat and coolness your window keeps in or out.

Krypton Gas

While the details of frame colors and shiny hardware tend to get the most attention, energy efficiency matters shouldn’t be overlooked. Look for windows that offer advanced features like low-E coatings, multiple glazing layers and argon or krypton gas fills for enhanced insulation.

These dense gases — which are found in a number of energy-efficient window models — slow down energy transfer more effectively than air does. They’re often found in windows with larger gaps between panes, including triple-pane windows.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay windows extend out from your home’s exterior wall and resemble a semi-circle. They include a non-opening window at the center and a combination of casement and double hung windows on either side. They help increase the amount of natural light that enters a room, brighten dark interiors and reduce daytime lighting costs.

Awning windows are hinged at the top and swing outward, offering excellent ventilation. They are great for a variety of architectural styles and are available in vinyl or aluminum.

Jalousie Windows

Designed with slats that fold open and closed like shutters, jalousie windows offer a unique appearance and plenty of ventilation. They’re popular in mid-century homes and work well in warmer climates.

They’re not ideal for security, though. The slats can be easily slipped out of place and may allow burglars to enter the home.

Window materials also impact your total cost, as will local labor prices. Talk with a local professional to get an accurate estimate for your replacement window project.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are a unique option for homeowners looking to add a little natural light and flair to their kitchen. These specialty windows extend outward and feature an interior shelf for herbs and plants, as well as side vents for ventilation.

Aside from their visual appeal, garden windows boost a home’s resale value. They also provide a space where you can display favorite vases or collectibles. You can even use them to grow your own herbs and flowers.