Door Companies Near Me – Choose the Right Ones for Your Home

Your home’s doors and windows play a vital role in its energy efficiency, security and resale value. Choose the right ones for your Lake Charles LA home, and improve its comfort, beauty and functionality.

Modern window replacement styles are characterized by clean lines and large glass surfaces that allow for ample natural light. They also include features like argon or krypton gas, which provide increased insulation.

Bay and bow windows

Bow and bay windows are a great addition to any home. They boost curb appeal, improve the interior look of a room and provide ventilation. They also enhance a home’s resale value and increase its square footage. They add an extra dimension to a living area, creating a window seat where you can relax and enjoy the view.

They are composed of a central, inoperable picture window and two smaller windows on either side. They can be paired with casement or double-hung windows, and they let in more natural light than standard options.

Jalousie windows

Jalousie windows resemble window shades or stacked roof tiles and feature a series of horizontal glass slats that open and close like Venetian blinds. They’re ideal for tropical or coastal climates because they provide good ventilation and are easily adjustable. They also offer a clear view of the outdoors. They’re a popular option for mid-century modern homes and historical cusp houses and are often used in enclosed porches.

However, they aren’t as energy-efficient as other types of windows and require regular maintenance to ensure that the slats don’t break or get stuck in place. They can also make your home more vulnerable to burglaries, as the slats are easy to slide open silently.

Rustic windows

Whether they’re made of real wood or clad in aluminum, these windows are the perfect complement to older or traditionally styled homes. They insulate better than vinyl frames and can be painted to match the surrounding decor. Plus, they’re a renewable resource, so you can feel good about using them in your home.

Colonial-style windows are a great choice for Lake Charles homes that want to maintain an authentic look. They feature grids of small panes and often include designs like shutters and grilles. These windows are also energy-efficient, as they can help you save up to $223 a year on your utility bills.

Colonial-style windows

Colonial-style windows are a classic choice for colonial homes that want to preserve their historic aesthetics and geometry. They typically feature symmetrical window openings around the entry door and are often paired with traditional shutters.

These windows are ideal for homeowners looking to keep their home’s historic charm while improving energy efficiency and functionality. They’re available in a variety of colors and finishes to match any style.

Double-hung windows are the classic choice for colonial-style homes, with their two operable sashes that slide up and down. They also come with optional simulated divided light grilles to enhance the historical look.

Victorian-style windows

The Victorian era brought back classic architectural designs from the past. The sash windows are one of the most distinctive features of Victorian buildings. They feature larger glass panes and fewer glazing bars. The sash was also reinforced with sash horns to provide additional support. The Window Tax was halved or repealed in this era, which allowed for mass production of large plate glass windows.

Victorian homes are often adorned with turrets and towers. They also have impressive foyer stairways and high ceilings.

While the sash in Victorian-style windows might seem fragile, it’s easy to repair them. Just rub them with cerium oxide, which can remove scratches and blemishes on the glass panels.

Modern windows

Modern windows are designed with advanced materials and insulation, reducing energy consumption. They also provide a range of benefits, including improved home comfort and enhanced curb appeal. Some even protect your furniture from harmful UV rays.

Aluminum windows are a great choice for modern homes. They are rust-resistant and offer sleek profiles. They are available in a variety of colors and finishes. They can also be coated with a low-emissivity coating to help reduce energy costs.

Triple-pane windows have an additional layer of glass that provides superior insulation. They are more expensive than single-pane windows, but they can save you money on your energy bills.

Contemporary windows

Contemporary windows offer a clean, sleek look. They often feature aluminum frames and are designed to match other contemporary features like furniture, flooring and paint color schemes. They also feature no-fuss hardware, which is consistent with the contemporary style.

Modern basement windows are a great way to bring in natural light and fresh air into a space that can otherwise feel dark and stale. They can even help save energy costs with low e glass and argon gas.

Create a focal point with floor-to-ceiling picture windows that provide a clear view of the outside landscape. Or, use a combination of both sliding and casement windows to open up the lower level for easy ventilation.