Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows offer numerous benefits to homeowners, from savings on energy bills to a more comfortable home. They also help prevent the release of harmful UV rays into your home.

A double-hung window has two operable sashes that slide up and down, offering better ventilation than other replacement windows. They can be used in any architectural style.

Triple-pane windows

Having the right type of windows in your home is key to saving energy. The type of window you choose depends on your personal needs and preferences. You can opt for a double-pane or triple-pane window, and each option has its own unique advantages.

The number of glass panes determines the energy efficiency of a window. Double-pane windows are better insulators than single-pane windows, but you can go even further by choosing argon or krypton gas-filled windows. These options offer even greater insulation and help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Adding a window or a door that is Energy Star-certified can significantly cut your energy bills and increase your home’s value. It also helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature on the hottest summer days and coldest winter nights. In addition, it prevents condensation and mildew buildup. These benefits make investing in an energy-efficient window an excellent decision, both short and long term.

Energy Star-certified windows

ENERGY STAR-certified windows are a great choice for homeowners or contractors looking to reduce energy consumption. They are effective at reducing thermal transfer and air leakage, which can significantly lower a home’s heating and cooling bills. These windows are also eligible for rebates from local utility companies, making them an excellent investment for homeowners and businesses alike. To find out which windows are ENERGY STAR-certified, you can look for the NFRC label or ask your professional window contractor.

To maximize energy efficiency in your Louisiana home, it is important to choose windows with the correct u-factor and SHGC ratings for your climate zone. You can use the ENERGY STAR calculator to determine which windows and skylights are the most efficient for your area. It is also a good idea to consider options that offer UV protection, which can protect furniture and flooring from damaging sun rays.

Argon gas-filled windows

Argon gas is injected into double-paned windows to increase energy efficiency and lower home energy costs. It is denser than air and has a lower thermal conductivity, which makes it an excellent insulator.

Like xenon and krypton, argon is an inert gas that is used to fill the space between window panes. It is available in dual pane and triple-pane windows. In addition to improving insulation, argon also reduces condensation and frost.

The only downside of argon-filled windows is that the gas can leak through the window seal. This can occur when temperature fluctuations cause expansion and contraction. In some cases, the window may even shatter. However, this rarely happens and is not a big concern for homeowners. If it does, a new window will be needed.

Krypton gas-filled windows

Krypton is similar to Argon in that it is a colorless, odorless inert gas that acts as an insulator between window panes. Both gases slow down the transfer of heat, which helps to decrease energy bills and reduces stress on a home’s HVAC system.

Both argon and krypton are a great choice for replacement windows that are Energy Star-certified, but krypton offers better performance than argon. This is due to the size of the gas particles, which are smaller and can fit more easily in the narrow gaps found between double- or triple-pane windows.

Additionally, krypton is more dense than argon and thus better in insulating gaps that are 14 inch or thinner. It is also safer than argon in the event that the window breaks because it is less likely to leak. However, a leaking window is a sign of poor window construction and installation that needs to be addressed. As a result, it is important to get your windows installed by professionals who know what they’re doing.