Different Styles of Casement Windows

Casement windows Lake Charles LA

When it comes to window replacement, the style you choose can impact your home’s appearance and energy efficiency. Our window installation professionals offer many different styles for your Lake Charles home.

Unlike double-hung or sliding windows, casement windows are hinged on either side and open with a crank handle. These user-friendly windows let in more natural light and provide more ventilation than other types of windows.

Energy-efficient windows

Energy-efficient windows reduce your home’s energy consumption by minimizing the penetration of infrared sun rays that cause temperature fluctuations, forcing your heating and cooling system to work harder. They also block harmful UV rays, protecting your furniture and flooring from fading over time.

Window replacement companies in Lake Charles offer a variety of ENERGY STAR-certified window styles, including double- and triple-pane windows. Some use argon gas to provide additional insulation, while others incorporate Low-E glass.

Unlike most other window types, casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward. They can fit in with any architectural style and offer excellent ventilation. They also have tight seals that prevent moisture intrusion and rotting.

Garden windows

Garden windows are a beautiful way to add light and dimension to your home. They are usually positioned above kitchen sinks and are the perfect place for herbs, plants or decorative pieces.

They can also help you save on energy costs. The tight seal allows for increased ventilation and the angled frame lets you take advantage of natural sunlight.

They are available in a variety of sizes and come in different materials & colors. Some even offer custom hardware for added style. If you’re interested in installing a garden window, contact us today for a free estimate. Our team of experts will help you find the best fit for your home.

Sliding windows

Aside from their pleasant sight lines, these windows are also energy-efficient. They can be fitted with Low-E glass and argon gas-filled frames, which help reduce your energy costs. These window types are ideal for homeowners who are looking to save on energy bills and contribute to a sustainable future.

Unlike double-hung and casement windows, sliding windows open horizontally on a track. They can offer larger viewing areas and allow more sunlight to enter the room. These windows are also a good choice for smaller houses that need brightness and reduce the clear boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. They are also easy to operate and maintain, but can require re-application of weather stripping more frequently than other window styles.

Picture windows

Picture windows are large fixed-pane windows that showcase a clear view of nature without any bars or sash. They are ideal for homes that rely heavily on natural lighting, such as living rooms and kitchens.

These non-operable windows maximize views, energy efficiency and weatherability. They can be used alone or in combination with other window styles to enhance aesthetics and create eye-catching focal points.

You can also pair a picture window with double-hung, gliding or specialty windows for increased ventilation. A popular configuration is a bay or bow window that consists of one large picture window flanked by casement or double hung windows.

Bay and bow windows

Bay windows extend outward from the home, bringing in more light and providing multiple angles of view. They can be comprised of a central non-opening window flanked by casement or double-hung windows.

Bow windows resemble bay windows, but are composed of smaller windows with more subtle angles and a curved appearance that is more appealing to homeowners looking for something less geometric. The gentle curve of these windows allows them to let in more natural light and can add a dramatic flair to your home.

Energy-efficient bay and bow windows provide better airflow and reduce energy costs. You can choose to have them filled with argon or krypton gas, which offer greater insulation.

Jalousie windows

Jalousie windows are horizontal panels, similar to a windowed version of Venetian blinds, that open and close using a crank. They let in plenty of light and air while providing privacy.

These windows are easy to customize and can have slats of any length. They’re also inexpensive and offer a unique look to any home.

The main drawback of jalousie windows is that they aren’t as energy efficient as other types of windows. They’re also one of the easiest types of windows to break into. If you have jalousie windows, consider adding vinyl strips to the slats for a more secure seal. This will reduce the amount of heat and moisture that can leak through the windows.