Patio Doors – A Great Choice For Entrances and Multi-Season Rooms

Patio doors offer a wide view of the outdoors and can be used for entrances or multi-season rooms. They come in different styles and can be fitted with a screen door to allow for ventilation and fresh air.

A Lake Charles sliding door installation professional can help you select the right door for your home. They can also install motorized screens to keep out mosquitos, flies and no-see-ums.

French doors

French doors are a popular option for back porches, multi-season rooms, and front entrances. They add architectural interest and offer increased ventilation while maintaining privacy. Window World’s French door systems are available in a variety of widths and styles to fit any space. These double door systems can also be combined with a screen door for easy access to your backyard and patio. They experience thorough quality control testing to deliver both beauty and performance. All Window World French doors are crafted with a heavy-duty mainframe and sash for strength, energy efficiency, and durability. They also feature ENERGY STAR qualified SolarZone glass to help reduce your energy costs.

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Sliding doors

There are several types of sliding patio doors that can fit into any home. Aluminium sliding doors offer durability and thin profile frames that complement modern styles. Wooden and uPVC French doors are more traditional options that can complement Colonial and Victorian style homes.

French doors require more space to operate than sliding doors because they open outward on hinges. However, if you want to create a seamless connection between your interior living spaces and your outdoor space, then a pair of French doors is an excellent choice.

Sliding patio doors are ideal for small spaces because they slide horizontally on a track. They can be made of one mobile panel and a stationary frame or they can consist of a combination of fixed and sliding panels for a larger opening. Sliding patio doors allow for a great deal of natural light to enter your home and are available in both traditional and contemporary designs.

Motorized screens

Motorized power screens transform your patio, California room or garage into a shaded comfortable, private, wind and insect free environment. Depending on the fabric chosen they can reduce harmful UV rays that damage furniture and wood surfaces.

Designed to fit into a wide variety of openings, including folding walls and lift & slide doors, they are the ultimate in motorized screening. They can also be fully integrated with 3rd party smart home services for complete automation.

Available in various widths and heights to accommodate standard and oversized applications, they are there when you need them and out of sight when you don’t. They can be easily lowered to provide shelter from chilly autumn winds or raised against winter snowfall. Alternatively, they can be set to follow the sun’s changing position throughout the day. They can even be adjusted with a remote control or your smartphone. This provides the privacy and protection you need without sacrificing beautiful views.