Types of Windows and Door Companies Near Me

The type of windows you choose for your home has a big impact on the overall aesthetic, energy efficiency and resale value. In addition, the window installation type you select can make a difference in your home’s comfort and security.

Argon gas-filled replacement windows are a smart choice for the environmentally conscious. These windows are a bit more expensive than double-pane and Energy Star models but offer superior insulation.

Bay & Bow Windows

Expand your home’s view with bay and bow windows. These window styles protrude from your house’s exterior walls, creating a 3 dimensional impression and providing multiple angles of view. While bay windows usually feature three windows, bow windows use more windows with a softer curve and less sharp angles.

Garden windows offer wide ledges for plants and decorations that brighten up the room. They let in sunlight while maintaining a privacy screen and are a good choice for rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. Awning windows open outwards, letting in fresh air even during rainy weather. These windows are popular in contemporary homes, but they also work well with most architectural styles.

Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows (also known as louvered windows) are a great choice for warm, humid climates since they allow plenty of natural ventilation. However, the slats that make up this style of window can be difficult to repair when they’re broken, and they aren’t energy efficient.

Expert door installation services will use weatherstripping to seal any gaps around the frames, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort. They’ll also offer a range of patio doors to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Choosing the right doors for your home is vital. It affects everything from your security to the overall aesthetic of your space.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are like mini-greenhouses, bringing in colorful ambiance and soothing sunlight. They also feature shelving space for homeowners to display plants, knick-knacks, and other household ornaments.

The windows open easily and have tight seals to prevent energy loss. They can be fitted with argon gas or energy-efficient krypton glass for optimal insulation.

Designed to let in more natural light, these windows offer a unique three-dimensional design that boosts the value of your home. Our window installation experts can help you choose the perfect size and style of windows to suit your home’s architecture.

Modern & Contemporary Styles

If you’re a fan of neutral colors but prefer to add a pop of primary color, contemporary design is your style. It uses natural colors, focusing on their raw forms, like sun-bleached driftwood or faded sandstone.

If you have modern or ultra-modern home decor, consider a double door system with French screen doors for your entranceway. They can also be used for back porches and multi-season rooms, and they make it easy to move large objects in and out of your house. We also offer automatic hospitality doors, durable industrial doors, and reliable cleanroom door solutions for commercial environments. They’re perfect for businesses that want doors that look great and work well, every time.

Rustic & Colonial Styles

A defining feature of Colonial-style homes is symmetry. This starts with the front door, which is centered on the house and flanked by windows. It also includes a centralized staircase, which leads to rooms on the first and second floor.

Unlike Victorian styles, Colonial homes tend to be more rustic. Their neutral color schemes, paired with natural elements, make them inviting. To emulate the style, use area rugs made with natural materials such as jute and sisal.

Choose woven patterns like stripes, French toile, or plaid weavings to bring out the classic colonial look of your living space. This style pairs well with rusty red and chocolate brown furniture pieces.

Victorian Styles

Victorian homes were full of ornate details inside and out. Even the most modest Victorian home could have a double entry door and multiple sidelights or fanlights.

Doors were often painted bright colors or grained — a technique that allows the texture of the wood to show through the paint — and carved with decorative designs. In the 1860s, a style emerged called the Aesthetic Movement, which rejected Victorian’s “more-is-more” aesthetic in favor of simple lines.

If you’re looking to update your Victorian home, consider an interior door made of solid wood or one with a Victorian glass panel design. NES Doors offers a variety of Victorian-style doors, and can help you select the best option for your home’s style.