Choosing the Right Door Style For Your Home

From compromising your home’s security to increasing your energy costs, the wrong doors can do more harm than good. That’s why you should only trust professional Door dealers and installers to ensure your new doors look great, perform well and keep your home safe and cozy.

Modern replacement windows Lake Charles LA are characterized by their minimalist designs and large glass surfaces that improve energy efficiency. They can also add a contemporary style to your colonial or Victorian home.


Featuring a heavy-duty mainframe and sash for durability, our traditional door styles are designed to perform. Whether you’re looking to enhance security or increase energy efficiency, these doors are an excellent option. They are perfect for a variety of home designs. They offer a balance of style and function, with the ability to blend in with any exterior aesthetic while providing increased weather resistance. These doors experience rigorous quality control testing to ensure they meet our high-performance standards.


Contemporary homes are characterized by open floor plans that maximize space for work and play. Modern kitchens feature high-end granite countertops, sleek stainless steel appliances, and gooseneck faucets. Contemporary window replacement styles are minimalistic in design and offer large glass surfaces to let in ample natural light. These windows are the perfect complement to contemporary homes, and they enhance energy efficiency and home comfort. Our contemporary styles undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure long-term performance and durability.


Rustic door styles bring a touch of natural, countryside beauty to your home. They also complement a variety of decor, from farmhouse to country to modern.

Choose from a wide variety of rustic design elements, such as wood grain patterns or raised design features like Z, K, and X-designs. You can even choose a window style that lets in more light with built-in windows.

These replacement windows are best for homes that want to maintain a countryside or natural atmosphere.


Colonial style homes feature symmetrical design with an emphasis on details. The right door can make a big difference in your home’s overall aesthetic.

Unlike hinged doors that swing in and out, pocket doors slide into the adjacent wall. This makes them a great choice for spaces where the door opening needs to be completely closed off, such as bathrooms and pantries.

Rustica’s 6 Panel Colonial Bypassing Pocket Door is a great option for colonial-style homes. This solid, engineered wood door is customizable and comes pre-hung with Johnson Hardware 100PD pocket door hardware.


Victorian style doors often feature glass expressions in a variety of motifs. You can find glass in both single and patterned panes, framed or standalone.

You can see Victorian-style homes on the Charpentier Historic District tour or by taking a drive around town. These grand old homes contrast with the more contemporary Southern plantation styles located in the city’s upscale neighborhoods. These homes are often built with Louisiana cypress wood and may be decorated with decorative shutters and wrought iron accents.

Bay & Bow

Bay & Bow windows offer a dramatic, 3D effect to any home. Typically composed of three or more window panes angled like an isosceles trapezoid, these home enhancement solutions allow ample natural light to enter the space while performing as an iconic illuminator for any decor style. This configuration also allows for additional side support from either a casement or double-hung window which makes it an ideal choice in most climates around the US. They feature a wide ledge perfect for decoration and are a great replacement option for older picture windows.


A Jalousie is a type of French pastry that features baked fruits in a light crust. It has slits on the top to show off the filling, and can be glazed or unglazed depending on the fruit used. The slits allow the dough to expand and contract during baking to create a delicately crisp crust. Often, the fruits used are pre-baked to ensure that the juice doesn’t soften the crust before it is baked. Known for their ability to provide natural ventilation, jalousie windows can still be found in many homes.