Window Styles for Your Home

Window styles Lake Charles LA

The window styles you choose for your home impact its beauty, function and resale value. A skilled local window installation pro can help you make the best choices to maximize your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and security.

Double-hung windows have two movable sashes that allow airflow from the top and bottom. They’re user-friendly and easy to clean. Argon gas-filled windows offer better insulation than standard windows.

Bay and bow windows

Both bay and bow windows project out from your home, giving it a unique appearance. They have wider glass areas than other window types and can increase the value of your home. They also allow natural light to flow into your home.

These windows offer a panoramic view of your landscape and can be used as reading or dining nooks. They are typically made of a single static picture window flanked on either side by double-hung or casement windows that can be opened to provide ventilation.

To keep these windows in good condition, you should have them cleaned about once a year. You should also maintain the hardware and check for any signs of wear and tear. It’s important to choose windows with low-E glass and an Energy Star rating. This will help you save money and contribute to a sustainable future.

Jalousie windows

Jalousie windows aren’t as popular today, but they were quite trendy in the 1940s and 1950s. They have a few specific pros and cons, making them more appropriate for certain homes than others.

They feature angled slats that can be opened or closed to control air flow. They also offer a great view of the outdoors and can add a retro look to your space.

Since these windows don’t close completely, they are prone to water leaks. To prevent this problem, you need to make sure that the slats overlap correctly. If they don’t, this can lead to rust and moisture. You can fix this by adjusting the spring clips that hold each slat in place. This will also help the slats seal better against each other.

Casement windows

Unlike sliding windows that operate horizontally on tracks, casement windows hinge on the sides and open outward with a crank handle. They are ideal for modern homes but can fit in well with any architectural style. They offer excellent ventilation and feature a tight seal that enhances energy efficiency.

They are also easy to clean and do not obstruct views of the outdoors. Depending on your preference, you can install single or double casement windows. You can even pair them with other window styles for a more appealing look. You can choose from many different options for your energy-efficient Lake Charles LA window installation project, including Low-E glass and Energy Star certification. These types of windows will help lower your energy bills and contribute to a sustainable future.

Awning windows

Like casement windows, awning windows have hinges on the top and open outward. This type of window is also usually wider than it is tall, which means that you can enjoy an unobstructed view when it’s opened.

Awning windows are versatile and work well in several different areas. They can be placed in the bathroom to improve ventilation while preventing rain and dirt from entering, or they can be installed in bedrooms for better airflow and a more restful sleep.

If you’re looking for a window style that blends functionality with durability, you should consider aluminum windows. They’re resistant to swelling and rotting and feature slim profiles that look sleek. They’re a great option for Lake Charles homeowners who want to upgrade their home’s aesthetic and energy efficiency.

Garden windows

A garden window lets you bring a bit of the outdoors inside. This unique replacement window creates a cozy alcove that’s perfect for herbs and other indoor plants. It also allows ample sunlight to brighten the room and ventilate easily.

Modern window styles offer sleek silhouettes and clean lines for a contemporary look. They can complement your home’s minimalistic style and help increase energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient windows are a smart investment in your Lake Charles LA home. The extra insulation reduces your energy consumption and lowers your bills. They can even help you qualify for rebates and tax credits. You can also consider choosing krypton gas-filled windows for additional thermal efficiency. This option comes at a higher cost, but it offers long-term energy savings.