Energy-Efficient Windows

Energyefficient windows Lake Charles LA

Energy-efficient windows are the best investment you can make in your home. They keep your home comfortable year round, reduce energy costs and increase resale value.

Start by looking for a window labeled ENERGY STAR and comparing performance ratings. The frame material should also be considered. Look for a double or triple-pane glass with argon or krypton gas between the panes.


Many utilities offer rebates and other incentives for homeowners that install energy-efficient windows. Federal tax credits may also be available for energy-efficient window replacement and other home improvements.

The ENERGY STAR label is a trusted mark that helps consumers and businesses save money on energy costs while protecting the environment. ENERGY STAR certification is earned by meeting strict requirements for performance, including air sealing and insulation.

ENERGY STAR certified windows have low-emissivity glass that prevents heat and UV rays from entering the house, reducing furniture fading and helping to lower energy bills. ENERGY STAR certified windows also have a warm-edge spacer that adds additional insulation.

Sliding windows are a popular choice for contemporary homes and feature minimalistic designs and large glass surfaces to maximize natural light. To increase energy efficiency, look for double or triple pane windows. You can further enhance the insulating qualities of your windows by adding argon gas. This colorless and odorless gas helps to insulate the frame and glass, decreasing your energy bills.

Moisture Resistance

ENERGY STAR windows have moisture resistance to help prevent condensation in your home. Condensation can increase heating and cooling costs, and it can damage the wood or aluminum frame of your window. To reduce condensation, ventilate your home well and keep humidity levels low by using bathroom and kitchen fans to vent moisture directly outside.

Triple-pane windows have an air pocket between the glass that adds a layer of insulation to your home. They can be filled with argon or krypton gas to improve energy efficiency. These gases are inert, clear, and odorless and offer superior insulating properties.

Contemporary-style replacement windows have clean lines that work with a variety of architectural styles. They may be made of clad or aluminum and have large windows that maximize natural light. You can also reduce your energy bills by planting deciduous trees near East, West, and South-facing windows to provide shade in the summer and allow sunlight to flow into the house during the winter.

Low-E Glass

Energy-efficient windows help you save money on heating and cooling bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase your home’s resale value. Getting ENERGY STAR windows can help you qualify for rebates and tax incentives as well.

ENERGY STAR windows have a lower U-factor, meaning they prevent more heat from passing through the window and into your house. They also reflect solar thermal energy in warmer weather, so you can stay cool without having to run your air conditioner as much.

JELD-WEN offers several different types of ENERGY STAR certified windows to meet your needs and budget. These include sliding windows, which operate horizontally on a track and are easy to use. Sliding windows also allow for moderate ventilation. Another option is picture windows, which are fixed and do not open. They provide a full, unobstructed view of the landscape around your home and offer some ventilation. These windows also block harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which cause furnishings and fabrics to fade over time.

Argon Gas

Argon is a colorless, odorless gas that’s denser than air and has superior insulating properties. It’s used between the panes of double-pane windows to prevent heat and cold from escaping the home, thereby reducing energy bills.

It’s also commonly found in light bulbs, luxury car tires and scuba diving dry suits because of its safety and durability (2). Argon is a noble gas and makes up 1% of Earth’s atmosphere (3).

Unlike other gases, it doesn’t react with any other substance. This makes it useful in metal industries to reduce oxidation and in 3D printing for creating a stable, oxygen-free environment (4). It’s also been used to preserve foods like bagged salads and potato chips (5). Window professionals use a meter to check the level of argon gas remaining between double-pane windows to ensure a good seal and long-term energy efficiency (6). Triple-pane windows can also have krypton fills, which provide even better insulation (7).